Weekly Update (1.20.21): Inauguration Day Thoughts and Live-Streaming Update

Inauguration Day Thoughts

Today is Inauguration Day…For some that instills a new sense of hope and optimism, for others it instills fear and skepticism. The reality is, we are a deeply divided nation, and in many ways, the Church (both Capitol “C”, as well as individual, local churches) is deeply divided as well.

I know our natural human response to anything political is to jump and approve if it’s beneficial to our party, and rush to scoff or discredit anything not beneficial to our party. The quick and snarky quips do nothing to heal our divide, but only further it and deepen it.

So first, may I remind us (myself included) that whether or not you voted for President Biden, how we conduct ourselves in conversations with others and posts/comments online, is done before a watching world. Our coworkers, family members, friends, and neighbors, watch our language and tone. My prayer is that they first don’t see us as lining up with one party, but belonging to a different Kingdom altogether.

I know it is tempting to throw political jabs. It makes us feel justified in our thinking; we feel good when others like what we have to say. But may I suggest a different response and approach that I believe will result in helping to heal the divide in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, and even in our own families…PRAYER.

On this Inauguration Day, a day of transition in the leadership of our nation, pray for our nation. We know we are deeply divided. There will always be political disagreements -that’s the nature of politics. But let us pray that those are engaged in through healthy and constructive dialogue, rather than any form of violence.

Pray for our new president, Joe Biden. Scripture instructs us to pray for our governing officials (1 Timothy 2:1-2). It’s always easier to pray for leaders we voted for, but the overarching truth is that we are are to pray for even the leaders we don’t vote for or agree with. So whether or not you voted for president Biden, we are all called to pray for him. Pray that God would give him wisdom, and that he would listen and submit to God’s authority.

Praying for the Church, especially the church here in the U.S.  This last year has been a trying time for us in so many ways. The run-up to the election and the events following it have further entrenched many Christ followers into political bunkers. It’s time we come out of our bunkers and love one another. Our nation is divided, and so are our churches. But we know who unties us as the Christ followers–it’s Jesus. If we allow him to heal our divisions, we will be a witness to a world suffering from similar divisions.

Lastly, pray for relationships you have that have been strained in recent weeks, months, and years because of political divide. I know many of us have strained relationships with children and grandchildren, neighbors and coworkers and friends. Pray that political differences wouldn’t stand in the way of healing and reconciliation. Ask for forgiveness and be willing to give forgiveness.

Prayer isn’t just what we need to do today, but each and every day. As you pray, the Holy Spirit will further form you (your heart, your mind, your soul) as a follower of Jesus. Maybe start a prayer list today, or add these items of prayer to a list of things/people you pray for regularly.

Blessings on your week,

Pastor Andy

New Live-Streaming Beginning This Sunday

This Sunday, January 24th, we will be switching to a new Live-Streaming platform. Why are we doing this? Because right now we have some of our church tuning in on Facebook, where you are able to chat and comment, while others are tuning in on our website, which doesn’t have this feature. In an effort to help those connecting virtually feel as connected as possible, we are switching to a platform that allows us all to interact together in the service.

Now don’t worry, I know for some of us this sounds like a lot of confusing jargon :). But it will still be easy to access our Sunday morning service through either Facebook or our website. And the easiest way to tune into the Sunday morning livestream is to go to live.warrenroadchurch.com.

You can find a brief instructional video on our website by clicking HERE.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Has Returned!

Sunday morning Bible study starts back this Sunday, March 17th at 9:00 am. We will be meeting in room #6 at the church or if you can’t come in person join us on line through Zoom. If you want to join online just let Pastor Bob know and we will send you a link. If you want more information you can get in touch with Pastor Bob by phone 248-866-2216 or email bobcfm@warrenroadchurch.com. It’s good to be back!