The Vaccine’s Affect on Our Guidelines, and a Statement from Our Bishops

How the Vaccine Affects Our Guidelines for Gathering

It is great that vaccines for COVID-19 have been approved, and have begun to be administered in recent weeks! This is the latest tool that will help us fight COVID-19, and we continue to hope and pray that the vaccines will help bring about the end of the pandemic.

Some of you have already received your first shot, maybe even the second, while many others are waiting for their turn as well. I have been asked what receiving the vaccine means for our gathering guidelines, and I would like to take a moment to address the question.

Based on information from the CDC, MDHHS, and Beaumont Health, it is my present understanding that:

  • People who are vaccinated will not have the full protection the vaccine makes possible until 7 to 10 days after the second shot.
  • Even after being vaccinated, it is still possible for you to be a carrier of the virus, meaning you can still infect others who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated. For this reason, both CDC guidelines, as well as local health guidelines, recommend that even those who have been vaccinated continue to follow all other measures to help prevent the spread of the virus (covering both mouth and nose with a mask, 6 feet of distancing between households, etc.

With these reasons in mind, we will continue to follow all of our gathering and building usage guidelines until further notice. Meaning masks covering both the mouth and nose will still be required, and social distancing guidelines will still be followed even after you receive the vaccine. We are counting to review and update our policies and guidelines as we review information from trusted health officials.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, I’ve attached some helpful resources below:



Beaumont Health — CLICK HERE

Blessings on your week,

Pastor Andy

A Statement from the Board of Bishops

Our Free Methodist Board of Bishops have released an official statement regarding the violent events that transpired at our nation’s Capital last week. We are grateful for their leadership and words of wisdom. We encourage you to read their full statement by clicking HERE.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Returning!

Sunday morning Bible study starts back this Sunday, March 17th at 9:00 am. We will be meeting in room #6 at the church or if you can’t come in person join us on line through Zoom. If you want to join online just let Pastor Bob know and we will send you a link. If you want more information you can get in touch with Pastor Bob by phone 248-866-2216 or email It’s good to be back!

New Live-Streaming Platform Coming Soon

On Sunday, January 24th, we will be switching to a new Live-Streaming platform. Why are we doing this? Because right now we have some of our church tuning in on Facebook, where you are able to chat and comment, while others are tuning in on our website, which doesn’t have this feature. In an effort to help those connecting virtually feel as connected as possible, we are switching to a platform that allows us all to interact together in the service.

Now don’t worry, I know for some of us this sounds like a lot of confusing jargon :). But it will still be easy to access our Sunday morning service through either Facebook or our website.

Look for a brief instructional video that will be coming out within the next few days.