Midweek Update (2.10.21): How to Ask for Forgiveness, Ash Wednesday Service Info, and More!

A Helpful Guide on How to Ask for Forgiveness

This past Sunday (2/7), we began our new message series Becoming a Forgiven and Forgiving Person. You can check out the message on our website in cased you missed it.

The key to becoming a forgiven and forgiving person is experiencing God’s forgiveness in the deepest parts of who we are–and experiencing God’s forgiveness regularly, because we continue to mess up. When we turn to God and genuinely ask for his forgiveness, we have the assurance through Jesus that we are indeed forgiven.

Sometimes we haven’t just wronged God or sinned against him–sometimes we’ve sinned against another human being, and we need to ask for their forgiveness as well. This requires us to humble ourselves, and depending on where the other person is at emotionally and spiritually, they may not yet be ready to forgive us, even when we ask for it. Even if that happens, we still have the assurance that God has forgiven us.

I wanted to share with you a quick acrostic that can be helpful when asking for forgiveness–both when asking God for forgiveness and when asking other people for forgiveness. The word is CONFESS–fitting right :)! I can’t take credit for it, rather it comes from a book called Caring for People God’s Way. Each letter represents a different step we take when asking for forgiveness. Here it is:

C = Confess without excuse
O = Offer an apology (and it must be believable and sincere)
N = Note the other person’s pain (i.e. communicate your empathy)
F = Forever value the person (i.e. say that repairing the relationship is more important to you than being “right”)
E = Equalize the situation (i.e. make restitution if appropriate)
S = Say, “I’ll try to never do it again”
S = Seek forgiveness

I hope this little resource is helpful to you. And I look forward to our time together this Sunday (in person or online), as we explore how we can forgive other people who have wronged/or offended us.

Blessings on your week,

Pastor Andy

Ash Wednesday Service 

It’s hard to believe next Wednesday, February 17th, is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Season of Lent. Lent is an important season in the Christian year in which we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter, through a focused time of repentance–asking for God’s forgiveness and seeking his healing.

This year, we are going to be participating in an Ash Wednesday service for New Room. New Room hosts spiritual renewal events annually in Nashville, TN, and this year they are creating a livestream event for families and churches to participate in.

We will be hosting this Ash Wednesday Service on Wednesday, February 17th from 7:00-9:00 PM at the church building. If you can’t make it in person, or don’t feel comfortable returning in person yet, you can participate in the same service from your home as well.

We ask everyone who is planning to participate (in-person at the church, or online at home) to register by going to the link below:


By registering, you will receive resources, as well as a link to join the live event. If you are planning to attend in-person at church, you won’t need the link, but the resources will still be beneficial.

We look forward to sharing in this meaningful worship experience together!

Accessing Sunday’s Services Online

Last Sunday, we began streaming our services differently. To see why we did that, you can check out the tutorial video from last week. While you can access a link to the service on our Facebook page, you can no longer watch the live service on Facebook. You must either click the link on Facebook or go to our website http://warrenroadchurch.com and click “Live”, or go to http://live.warrenroadchurch.com.

Once there, you can participate in the chat function. We also encourage everyone to click the “Invite” button, which allows you to share our service on your own personal Facebook page, so that your family and friends can join you.

In case you missed it, you can watch last week’s video tutorial which explains we we’ve made the transition, and how you can still access the service. Just CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Has Returned!

Sunday morning Bible study starts back this Sunday, March 17th at 9:00 am. We will be meeting in room #6 at the church or if you can’t come in person join us on line through Zoom. If you want to join online just let Pastor Bob know and we will send you a link. If you want more information you can get in touch with Pastor Bob by phone 248-866-2216 or email bobcfm@gmail.com. It’s good to be back!